Monthly Archives: April 2009

plgeo p18 (via pilllpat (agence eureka))

Circos is written in Perl and produces bitmap (PNG) and vector (SVG) images using plain text configuration and input files. (via Circos – visualize genomes and genomic data)

The Pac-Man Dossier – Incredibly detailed article about Pac-Man – Highlights: The ghost’s AI routines, the final split screen.

Martial, du magasin de disques Total Heaven, à Bordeaux, organise une exposition dans son magasin pour la réédition de “Chocolate and Cheese”, l’album de Ween de 1995. (via LE BLOG DE KIM: WEEN TRIBUTE, mon nouveau dessin numérique en hommage a Ween.)

Public transportation. (via Hot Meteor) – Vintage DHARMA ads. (Set)

As for the myths of reverse engineering of flying saucers, Barnes offers some insight: “We did reverse engineer a lot of foreign technology, including the Soviet MiG fighter jet out at the Area"—even though the MiG wasn’t shaped like a flying saucer. (via The Road to Area 51 – Los Angeles Times)

This is an application that helps you find out whether a human or a machine is setting the tempo for your favorite music. (via The Echo Nest BPM Explorer)