Monthly Archives: February 2011

Tintin au Congo à poil – Le très bon blog de la revue Collection propose depuis quelque jours un beau détournement de Tintin. En effet l’artiste Thomas Lebrun a décide de trafiquer les planches de Tintin au Congo de tel manière que le célèbre reporter se balade la quéquette à l’air. (via TINTIN DÉVÉTU)

The Infomous Oscars Opinion Navigator […] lets you navigate the latest opinions from a variety of online sources, and lets you see who is leading the conversations about the films and the stars. (via Oscars opinions navigator – Infomous) Congrats to my former colleagues for this very nice visualization.

The world’s most famous groundhog predicted an early spring Wednesday (via

Today, we launched Julia Map on Google Labs, a fractal renderer in HTML 5. […] Julia Map uses the Google Maps API to zoom and pan into the fractals. The images are computed with HTML 5 canvas. (via Official Google Research Blog: Julia meets HTML 5)