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The major cause of trauma was assault (98.8%). […] The largest group of head-injured characters was constituted by Romans (63.9%), while Gauls caused nearly 90% of the TBIs. A helmet had been worn by 70.5% of victims but had been lost in the vast majority of cases (87.7%). In 83% of cases, TBIs were caused under the influence of a doping agent called “the magic potion”. (via Neurosurgeons analyze incidents of brain trauma in Asterix comics – io9)

How much I had to manipulate the data to make it seem like things were looking up – via ilovecharts

à pichon longueville baron, pauillac (via pas longtemps)

Trois potes remontent l’europe en vélo. Les voici à Malmö. (via 2011-06-05-Malmö)